Friday, February 02, 2007

Internet is working again!

After nearly 2 weeks without the net (honestly, I really missed it - never realised what a geek I had become) it got reconnected yesterday, so I've had a chance to do all the things I couldn't do in the past few days!

I've updated our photos page now, so all the pics people have been requesting should be there. There are photos in the Scotland section of our new house and a few of our journey up from London to Aberdeen (some of the house photos were taken after we moved all our stuff in, some before - you can probably guess which are which!), and there are some additional ones on the London Photos and the British Landmarks section, from our last few days in London.
I've also managed to write a lot of the next issue of PALS - it's a London Special so it was a bit of a trip down recent memory lane for me whilst writing it - I had plenty of time to do it as I still haven't started work! In a second I will need to go and add some photos as I didn't have them on my computer last time I worked on the issue.

Anyway, there's tons of stuff I haven't had time to do as I've only had the net for a day, so I'm going to go and get on with it all!

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Iccle Anne said...

Great to see you back online! Great pics! Looking forward to visiting you some time. I'm thinking after Easter, new amount of holiday then, and more time to plan.