Friday, February 09, 2007

So slack

Just realised it's been a week since I last posted, even though I've been at home all week with no job to go to (that all changes on Monday, but never mind).

It's probably because I've been awful and done nothing pals related - I promised myself I'd catch up on letter writing and how many letters I have written? One, and a birthday card. I'm terrible, I feel so bad! I have managed to write up a couple of articles of PALS tonight, and the Mar/ Apr edition is basically finished; it'll be up at the end of Feb, probably 24th or 25th.

Which reminds me, I took some photos of Aberdeen in the snow (it's been snowing every day this week, although only overnight so it melts away every day). I need to upload them to our photos page this eve. Have a look at the Scotland section to see them!

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