Friday, January 19, 2007

Probably should be packing...

It's amazing what trying to avoid packing the contents of your whole flat will enable you to do! I have just managed to update our photos webpage with some pics we took when we went on our pub crawl through central London last weekend.

I've also written a piece about the pub crawl for the newsletter, and finally got around to writing a piece about Madrid for a future newsletter too. I haven't actually added to or updated the next issue of the newsletter yet, but you never know what I might do later to avoid packing!

Anyway, have a look at our photos page if you want to - if you haven't looked that recently there is also a Madrid section which I added at the end of December!

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Iccle Anne said...

Anna is unable to post at the moment, because she's still waiting to get her Internet up and running in her new place.