Tuesday, January 16, 2007

PALS? What's That?

You'll have noticed a total lack of news on the PALS front since 5th Jan now, I imagine - I'm feeling slightly guilty for this, aas I keep intending to do things and then failing. I've managed to update my blog with other random things as I have spare time at work, but no time at home to sit down and work on useful things, such as the newsletter.

It seems my spare time has become something of a blur of packing, seeing friends before I leave, arranging things for my last day at work (tomorrow!) and generally sorting out addresses/ info for people before we go. All this has not been helped by the fact that the flat we are moving to was only confirmed as all going ahead with no problems on Friday - a week and 3 days before we actually go.

However, I did manage to go on a fun "Ye Olde London Pub Crawle" (as Dan and Mark put it) on Saturday - convenient for what I'm hoping will be a London Special newsletter at the end of Feb. If I get a chance I'll add some pictures here (Dan has been looking through them), but no promises as I'm horribly busy until Thurs, then quite busy till Mon, then moving on Tues.

If you hear nothing before, I WILL be writing something for PALS by the end of the month. I've promised myself!

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