Sunday, January 14, 2007

Totally shattered

In a complete and utter failure to do anything, this weekend has been devoted to:

Sat AM: Horrible phone calls and failing to do anything worthwhile
Sat PM: Drinking and visiting interesting London pubs (that was very fun, actually)
Sat night: Failing to sleep
Sun AM: Cleaning, food shopping and tidying the garden
Sun PM: Packing
Sun eve: Writing change of address letters and book club chatting

The intention was to update my newsletter and write some new pieces - funny plan! And now all the things I need to do it, I've just realised, are packed. So it will have to wait until we get to Aberdeen.

This feels a bit like "Round 2" to be honest, of about 5 rounds - the first was the getting a job and house in Aberdeen followed by the Christmas/ wedding run-around; the second is the move/ finishing my job, and informing everybody of our new address.

Round 3 comes when I need to apply for a new job/ force them to let me keep this one and apply for the uni course next Sept (at about Easter). Then Round 4 is the wedding and all the organisation we haven't done yet because we're too busy moving.

I don't really care what Round 5 is right now as I get the feeling I'll have died from exhaustion before that point anyway - sorry, I'm feeling tired and pessimistic now! I'm going to bed...

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