Sunday, September 03, 2006

Productive weekend!

Well, other than the whole load of stuff I did on Friday for PALS, I've been productive in all kinds of ways this weekend.

I finally got around to scanning in and sorting out a whole load of photos - you can see the results on our Photos Home Page; the British Landmarks section has a whole bunch of new photos, and the Our Garden section has a couple too.

I also went to a wedding yesterday and have come away with a bunch of helpful ideas for my own next year; it's hard not to think about that when you go to weddings and are planning your own! It was a nice day regardless of that anyway though.

And I've also spent a while planning my trip to NY in November; as long as I can afford the (massively overpriced) hotels there! My pal has been great about organising tons of stuff, so now we just need to actually book all these things.

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