Friday, September 01, 2006

Carried away

Got a bit carried away with doing things for my PALS newsletter earlier, and spent 2 1/2 hours writing up a page of the next issue (yes, I'm thinking about it already - 2 months goes so quickly though), along with writing up a couple of pieces of things that have happened in the past for a future edition; all concerned with cycling this week.

I should have been e-mailing friends about future plans, sorting out pics of dresses for when I go wedding dress shopping next weekend, and generally organising my life, but that all kind of ended up at the bottom of the pile. It'll just have to wait until tomorrow evening.

I should also scan in some of the photos we got developed this week, both of our trip to Winchester and past trips to Oxford/ the Chinese New Year in London/ Kew Gardens etc, but I'm too tired and Dan's not around to help when it inevitably all goes wrong, so it can wait until another day! Besides, I want to go watch some TV and have a rest now.

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