Thursday, September 07, 2006


This is totally unrelated to all newsletter things, but I'm excited! Going back to Exeter this evening, and spending the next couple of days looking for wedding dresses. Excited, but also quite nervous! Really hope I can find something - have some ideas and pics to help. Can't put any pics up, of course, or Dan might'll have to wait until next July!

Also quite looking forward to going back to Exeter in general and getting out of nasty London for a few days - been stuck here too long. Plus the days off work help too. Got plenty to see in Exeter; my brother has just moved out of my parents house and into his first house, Anne and Andy are around for the all-important tastings of varieties of Otter Beer for our wedding reception and I get to go shopping and have my hair done with my mum. Oh, and Dan's gran gets to try out my keyboard and see if she's happy to play it at our ceremony, being that we can't get a piano in the room!

Right, enough rambling. I'm going to go and be excited in a quiet corner until 5PM when I can finally leave work and get on that train!

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Iccle Anne said...

hehe, I know what she looks like in her dress!!! Dan you have no worries.