Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writing the last issue

I've just finished putting together Issue 48, the final issue, of PALS. I say the final issue - there's no guarantee I won't start re-writing PALS at some point in the future. But I don't want to promise anything! Finishing writing the issue was quite sad (although I'm less likely to miss the general computer frustrations that go with adding images, dealing with publisher etc...).

This time around I had fun putting together articles on various Canadian-themed aspects (including Canada Day and the Arctic Hare), and I even learnt a few new things, such as how to manipulate photos in Gimp (although admittedly Dan did most of this work).

The issue may also not be totally finished - at the moment one page is something of a place-holder, just saying "goodbye and thanks". I have asked a pal to write a piece on one of her hobbies, but I didn't want to rely on receiving anything, just in case she doesn't have time to do it. So at least this way there is content for every page, whatever happens.

The issue won't be released for another couple of weeks (I'm aiming for the end of June), but it's good to know it's ready to go if needed. If also a little sad!

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