Friday, June 29, 2012

Issue 48 online... and the end of an era

Well, I've just uploaded Issue 48 of PALS. And that will be the last issue for the foreseeable future. Part of me is quite sad, another part of me is quite pleased. It's one less thing to have to fit into a world of new houses, buying baby furniture (not to mention, in the near future, looking after a baby...). But it also means no more having to fight Dan's PC, or Publisher vs. SeaMonkey/ Dreamweaver/ the internet. We still don't have a solution to the second one...

This time around the upload process took 2 and a half hours in total - but that might have something to do with being dragged away to cook and eat dinner in the middle of it... but even so, it still took over an hour. I got less frustrated than in the past because I now know it can take that long, and am able to fix all the things that annoy me. I still wish they didn't need to be fixed though! It also didn't help that I had lots of images I wanted to turn into links this time around.

I guess I should say a bit about what Issue 48 is about too! As I mentioned in my last post, it has something of an (unintentional) Canadian theme; there are articles on Canada Day, the Arctic Hare and my friendship with my penpal Sarah, who lives in Toronto.

After this post, I'm not sure how often this blog will get used. It seems a shame to give it up, as I've kept it going for the past 8 years now. But posts are likely to be a lot more sporadic than in the past (yes, even than they have been recently). I'll try to still use it for any penpal-related news and thoughts I have, and if I do ever have any thoughts on past or future issues of PALS they will, of course, make it on to here! And there's always my two other blogs; Anna's Films and Anna's Library Thoughts, that will continue to be updated as long as I'm watching movies and working as a librarian! I'm sure there was one other thing too... oh yes, I might post some exciting news here in about September (or possibly October...).

Bye for now, and thanks for reading this blog and/or PALS. It's been great fun to put together over the past eight years, and I hope this isn't the end forever - for this blog at least, if not the newsletter!

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