Saturday, January 07, 2012

Making a start...

In an effort to both 1) keep up with my one and only New Years resolution and 2) try not to fall behind on putting issues of PALS together, I have spent a decent part of this weekend starting Issue 46 of PALS and writing letters - and even posting those letters!

Issue 46 of PALS won't be a Special Issue, so there'll be a range of articles to read. I've made a start by putting together the Creature Feature article, the text of which is kindly written for me by one of my pals. Which means all I had to do was find some images. The text for this Creature Feature is pretty short, so I thought it would look good to include more than just the standard image. In hunting for pictures I came across a really beautiful one, so I hope everybody else likes it as much as I do when the next issue of PALS is released! That won't be until the end of Feb though, so you'll have a bit of a wait..

Also, don't be surprised if you hear from me asking for contributions to a couple of articles over the next few weeks. I know what I'd like to include but can think of a few people who are better placed to write them than me - mostly because they know more than I do! Hopefully if you're one of those people you'll be as enthusiastic as I am about the ideas I have.

On to my New Years resolution... which was basically not to take forever to reply to my pals when they write to me. Last year some people were waiting 8+ months for a reply from me, which is truly rubbish. Just to clarify - I understand when people do that to me, and don't mind at all. I know we're all busy. But when I leave it that long I feel really bad! So of the four letters I received over Christmas, I've now replied to two and have two left. I'm aiming to reply to any letter I get within a month, and within 3 months at the outside. I needed to have something of a realistic goal to force me to do it, and also didn't want to reply to people so quickly that I had no real news to give. I figure something interesting usually happens within 1-3 months! Anyway, so far, so good. But then it is only Jan 7th...

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