Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling a bit more positive

After a decent nights sleep things aren't looking so bad! Issue 34 (and Issue 33) are still appearing on-line the way they should be, so I'm going to forget about it now and move on.

I've spent a couple of hours today coming up with ideas for content for Issue 35. I did make a start on it yesterday but was in such a foul mood it wasn't really very effective. I meant to spend about 10 minutes tweaking it and adding info today, but I got a bit carried away with lots of new ideas. Of course, this means giving myself a whole new pile of work!

Not only did I write the contents list for Issue 35, I also came up with ideas for Specials going into the next 3 years... a lot of these were ideas I already had/ things I have already half written, but I was organising my thoughts - and discovering more things that need writing. So now I have a new To Do list. Yes, another one. Thankfully, it's not exactly urgent, as most of the issues I need to do things for are unlikely to appear in PALS for another couple of years or so!

Some of the ideas I've been working on are an Anniversary Special (with pieces on our honeymoon and anniversary celebrations), a Weekly Routine Special (about how my weekly routine has changed over time as my career has progressed - an idea that can also be adpated for anybody who wants to write about their career), and an Italy Special (I've visited Italy a few times now, but realised I never wrote up a piece about our trip to Sicily last year, that would appear in this issue).

But right now I'm going to stop thinking about it and go and cook dinner!

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