Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh so quiet

I've not really got any news to speak of in relation to PALS - I haven't touched it since I finished the hot air balloon piece a couple of weeks ago. I do only have the events piece left to write before I tidy it up and upload it though, all of which I'm hoping to do next weekend when I actually have a few spare days!

The lack of work on PALS hasn't really been done to laziness - more just busy-ness. Last weekend we had friends stay over Thurs and Fri night as we spent Friday at Alton Towers, which was great fun - but meant I only had one day rather than my normal four to do things like the shopping and the cleaning!

This weekend we're off to another friend's wedding - we're helping them set it all up tomorrow, friends are staying over tomorrow night, then the actual wedding is on Saturday and we're staying over Sat night. I do have Monday off work but once again, I need to do mundane things like wash clothes etc at some point! I guess I could have worked on the newsletter today, but I was doing far more important things like getting my hair cut and buying new coats...

Not to worry, there's plenty of time next week to finish off PALS! I'm off to cook dinner...

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