Friday, October 02, 2009

Central Europe pics

Well, we're now back from our travels - never mind! I've uploaded pictures of our holiday to our photos web page, under a Central Europe section. Enjoy!

I've also spent the last couple of hours working on the latest issue of PALS. I've actually ended up increasing the length of the issue by 2 pages, making it 9 apges in total. But don't worry, a lot of that is photos! It's a Hot Air Balloon Special so I wanted to make sure there were plenty of pics to help tell the story, but didn't really want to remove any of the text. I did end up removing the piece about the Bristol Balloon Fiesta we went to this August though, as it just didn't fit. It will appear in a future issue I'm sure!

Now I just have the events piece to write and some standard links/ tidying to do, and the issue will be ready to up-load. I have 4 weeks before I need to upload it so I should be fine.

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