Friday, October 23, 2009

After 2 hours... Issue 32 on-line!

I'm probably making that sound a lot worse than it really is (or than it feels at least)...

Basically, I just kept doing stupid things when uploading this particular issue. There's a lesson in thinking before you act here, I feel. Originally I wasn't intending to upload Issue 32 today - I have plenty of other things to be getting on with, like packing for the weekend and sorting out the washing.

But I sat down to write the last article (an events article on Bonfire Night) and found myself quite enjoying what I was doing. It was also quite quick to write, being that I know enough about the event not to have to do too much research. That took 15 minutes. So I thought "why not start getting the issue ready to upload?" At least that way I'll have a bit less work to do next week... well, one thing led to another and it seemed silly to only do half the job.

When I started to upload the newsletter things looked a bit odd, but that was easily fixed by giving up with Seamonkey and using Dreamweaver (often infinitely superior it seems) to add links instead. Then pages weren't appearing where they should be... but that was all down to me failing to specify the target page, it seems. It took me 10 minutes to figure that out.

Then I thought I'd finished. It all uploaded easily enough, all the links worked, nothing looked out of place or odd... then I noticed the date. I'd written Sept/ Oct instead of Nov/ Dec.

Initally thinking I was going to have to upload the entire thing again, I realised soon enough that I could just upload the first page and leave everything else as it was. Unfortunately that meant having to re-do all the contents links on the first page, which I did. But the date still hadn't changed - whyever not? I definitely changed it. I deleted the first page with the intention of trying again... only to realise that things weren't as complicated as I had at first thought.

The part with the date in it is a picture, and all I had to do was recreate the picture (which I had already done in about 2 seconds) and just upload that. Great! Except for the fact that now I didn't have a front page (yes, because I had deleted it) so I needed to upload it and add all the links back in again... for the fourth time. And only one of those times was it actually needed. Very much a case of human error here, I feel. *sigh*

Anyways, Issue 32, a Hot Air Balloon Special, is now online and ready to view. I hope you enjoy it - I think it looks quite good!

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