Friday, January 16, 2009

No new news

Not much to say really, but thought I would put a quick post on here so people know I haven't forgotten it exists! Slowly working away at Issue 28 of PALS - it's clearly going to be ready long before the end of Feb as it's been so easy to put together, but then that's probably a good thing as there won't be any last minute panics! Unless I manage to have no spare time between now 6 weeks time, but that seems unlikely.

Otherwise I am having a busy, but fun, and productive life! Have just been to seen A Christmas Carol at one of the smaller theatres (The Tobacco Factory) in Bristol. It was really very good, although possibly we should have gone a bit closer to Xmas! We've also managed to (finally) book a holiday to go and see a friend in Spain in mid Feb, so when we get back I'll make sure I add some photos.

Oh, and on a more PALS-related note, I've been given a piece from a pal about her visit to WA, Australia last year so I'll try to make sure that gets into one of the PALS issues this year- probably the Sept/ Oct issue, or, if it's long enough, it'll become the Nov/ Dec Special. The holiday was in August, but I have plans to make the July/ Aug special a Shetland Special from our holiday last year, so it will have to wait a bit longer.

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