Friday, January 09, 2009

Making progress

Not much news really, as I've spent this week doing other things - like going to work! And reading lots, in the hope that Dan doesn't return his library books before I've finished with them - although I'm not convinced by Treasure Island yet (yes, the proper Robert Louis Stevenson one, and no, I have never read it)...

I have been making some progress on Issue 28 of PALS though. Luckily it's proving rather easy as all the articles have already been written. All I'm really having to do is find photos and make sure the text fits on the pages, which is both fun and relatively easy to do!

I did manage to write that first letter of 2009 too - all I have to do now is keep it up and keep writing them. I currently have 3 or 4 to reply to, which I think is a pretty reasonable amount! So far, I've even remembered everybody's birthdays and anniversaries (granted, that's only 2 as it's only mid Jan, but if you're likely to forget, it would be just after Xmas. Right?).

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