Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's been a long weekend - but Issue 26 is here

So, after a LOT of fighting (mostly not with other people), the washing machine chucking water all over the kitchen floor, and Dan and I failing to update the photos pages for most of the weekend, we're nearly there. Well, depending upon your definition of nearly there I guess!

PALS Issue 26, a North East Scotland Special, is FINALLY on-line! Hope you enjoy it - especially after all the effort it's taken me to get it there for you! Our photos website is also now up and working again, hopefully with all the desktop pictures once again accessible. If you find any broken links, feel free to let us know - although I make no promises about fixing them in the near future! But we will try...

Enjoy this issue of PALS anyway, I'm off to watch TV (and check the kitchen isn't entirely flooded).

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