Friday, October 31, 2008

Issue 26 nearly online - I hope...

I know PALS is meant to be out by the end of today, so I've dutifully spent the entire afternoon trying to get it ready to be uploaded. This has not, however, persuaded Dreamweaver to behave itself - although admittedly it seems Publisher is about the worst tool I can be using to do this job... so I have given up and am waiting for tech support to make his way home!

No guarantees that this will mean the newsletter making an appearance this evening, as we had planned to have a nice relaxing evening doing nothing but cooking and eating. And drinking, of course. (Another thing I've failed to do properly 'cause I'm not convinced my cheesecake is quite as cooked as it should be - I'm not having a good day...).

I do promise that I will absolutely have the newsletter on-line by the end of Sunday, and will put up a post to let you know when it's online and viewable. On the bright side, we do have a carved pumpkin that's currently looking very pretty glowing by the fire! And will hopefully make tasty pumpkin soup...

Oh, and if you didn't see Dan's comment to my last post, is now up and running again. It should all be working except some of the links to desktop versions of pictures - we have less space on this server than the last one, so Dan has come up with a cunning alternative to make it work. However, he is yet to show me how to do it and he hasn't had time to do it himself. Please be patient with us!

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