Friday, October 24, 2008

Moved in

Well, we are finally getting there! We arrived in Bristol a week ago yesterday, and after a lot of unpacking, cleaning (I finally hoovered for the first time today...) and ringing/ writing to companies about our new address, we are nearly settled in.

So settled in, in fact, that my computer is now up and running and I've had a chance to complete the last few articles for Issue 26 of PALS! Of course, I should be job-hunting, but there's only so much of that you can do before you go slightly mad...

Issue 26 of PALS will be uploaded to the website next weekend with any luck (there's another job - we've changed Internet provider so the website needs moving across). On that note, our website won't work for a while as it's still on the Tiscali site, and we don't pay them anymore! It should be accessible via when we're done (the address with myweb.tiscali in it will never work again), but more news on that when Dan's construction work is complete - hopefully before next weekend!

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Dan said... is now active! :)