Saturday, November 08, 2008

Issue 27 begun

Well, after a very energetic day of cycling to and from Bath, then walking up a VERY big hill to find the university (turns out the bus in Bath is cheap - if I get this job I'm going with that transport option) , I've managed to come home and make a start on Issue 27 of PALS.

I've started by writing an article suggesting some of the things that may appear in the newsletter over the coming year - making my job in the coming months a little easier if nothing else!

Not much other news really - I'll continue to work on the Issue until it's released at the end of December. Oh, I have managed to fix a couple of broken links as well - one to Issue 1, which appeared not to want to show you Issue 1, and one to the front page of Issue 21, which seemed to think it should be the front page of Issue 26 (albeit without the picture). If you spot any more broken links on the webpage, please let me know - I promise you they're not intentional!


Andy said...

oooooooooooo was that for an interview?

Anna Lawson said...

It was in preparation for an interview - I have one for Info Librarian at Bath Uni next Monday. It's only part time (22 hrs per week), but better than anything else I've found so far! I've got one next Thurs too, supposedly (also for a part time Librarian position with the Audit Commission), but so far they've failed to send me any info on where I'm meant to be and when!