Sunday, January 27, 2008

Prolific worker

I've had a slightly more productive week PALS-wise; probably due to the fact that I haven't had to worry about writing essays or keeping on top of lecture notes for a change. All that is about to change this week when it's back to uni, but I've been enjoying the rest while I can.

Dan and I managed to get out and do a coastal walk around Aberdeen this weekend - how nice it was to have two full days off in a row! Working Sundays can be tough sometimes. The walk did end with us being quite frustrated that once on the coastal path, it's near impossible to get off it - and a 7 mile walk on a day where the sun goes down at 4.30pm is not the best idea! But it was very pretty - the picture I've added to this post is also on our Photos Website, in the Aberdeen section.

And that's not the only thing I've updated in the past few days. There are now a range of new poems on my poetry site, if you fancy reading them.

I've also been working hard on Issue 22 of PALS. At the moment it could be about one of two things - it depends upon how quickly people send me articles on their "Week in the Life Of...". People have said they're happy to write something, which is great, but I haven't had any pieces yet. I'm not too worried as one of my pals has written a wonderful piece on her diving holiday in Egypt which she's happy for me to use - it'll either feature as the Issue 22 or Issue 24 Special. Whatever doesn't appear in the Mar/Apr edition will be in the Jul/Aug one.

I hope you enjoy all the updates - and if you'd like to write a piece about a week in your life I'd love to see it. I doubt I'll be able to be this prolific with updating the website again now until late May, but the short break was nice.

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