Sunday, January 13, 2008

Issue 22 begun

After a very slack couple of weeks, I've now made a start on Issue 22 - another special, this time around entitled "A week in the life of...". And yes, you may well get an e-mail from me shortly begging for contributions! If you'd like to write about a week in your life, let me know and I'll more than gladly add your article to the next issue.

This is the first work I've done on PALS since I uploaded the last issue back before Xmas - Xmas was excellent but involved us not being at home at all (that may well be why it was so good), and since then I've come back to a mountain of essays to write before the 21st Jan. I've handed one in, and one is nearly finished, so just one left to write in the next week. I cannot wait for the 22nd and a few days off!

Anyway, I will keep working on PALS in my spare time, and it will be released in time at the end of February. Any contributions gratefully received!

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