Sunday, November 18, 2007

I should be working

It appears that I've been awful at updating my blog, considering the last time I wrote anything was 2 weeks or so ago now. Right now I'm at work, so I should be working - or at least using my time productively and studying at work, but I'm failing on both levels. I'll be better this afternoon! At least it's quite here today.

And all that just to say, not only have I failed to update my blog but also to write up/ sort out any of the next issue of PALS, which I feel a litte guilty about. I meant to make an effort yesterday, but other more important things (like filling in tax forms and sorting out annual leave) seemed to get in the way. Maybe this evening? Or more likely next week...

And I don't even have any pretty pictures for you. Just wait till this time next year, I'll be better then!

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