Monday, May 07, 2007

Time for bed

I know it's been ages since I updated my blog, so I thought I should just give a brief up-date now, even though it's really rather late and bedtime!

Until today I had done nothing with PALS since the last time I posted, as I've just been so busy with other things - mostly wedding planning and visits to London. I've jsut spent half an hour or so quickly updating things and asking for contributions to the next issue - read the Press Release for more info.

Otherwise, an awful lot of this weekend has been spent wedding planning (oh, and shopping - that bit was good fun). But we now have something resembling menus, Order of Services and Order of Days, which to be honest feels a bit more important than PALS right now!

And I also realise I need to update both my poetry page and some of our photos with the ones taken in London - these things can wait for a bit more spare time though. My job ends on 25th May, so it may well be around that time...

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