Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finally got around to doing some of this!

After weeks of failing to get anything to do with PALS done, I had a spurt of unexpected energy and have managed to not only begin PALS Issue 18, but also hassle people for articles on their wedding (sorry if you are one of them!) and update the photo page with some of the photos Dan took in Windsor back at the end of April - when we spent a weekend in London (see the British Landmarks Section of our Photo Website).

And Dan and I even did some wedding planning - we have created all our menus and even have a vague idea of where important people are sitting at the ceremony! Most people have replied to their invites now too; it seems that the people who can't come leave it until the last minute to let us know. Only waiting on 5 - 10 people now, which is pretty good out of 100 or so I think, considering they still have a week before the official cut off date.

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