Monday, April 16, 2007

Photos Done!

Well, Dan came home and fixed the computer, so now I have Dreamweaver, Publisher and MSN Messenger again, which is great news! So I have basically finished writing Issue 17 of PALS and will be uplodaing it next week. I have also just spent an hour updating our Photos Webpage with some more pics of Reed Hall, some pics of Dan's mum's wedding, some more Scotland pics (taken out of a plane) and some pics of Devon in general. There are new sections for some of these categories, so take a look!

This is the last thing I plan to do in terms of updating things on-line, as I'm a bit sleepy now and have been doing this for most of the day. It's good to finally get it done though, after failing terribly for the rest of the weekend!


Iccle Anne said...

Great pics, thanks for adding them!

Andy said...

Stunnin Exeter Cathedral picture! We might be going to a wedding reception at Reed Hall in a few weeks - we'll be your spys!