Monday, April 16, 2007

Working hard

I've finally managed to sit down and force myself to write some more of PALS Issue 17, which will be out next week with any luck! I've been fairly successful, and managed to write two more articles. The only problem is that now I need to Dan to install Publisher and Dreamweaver on my computer so that I can update the newsletter with the article I have written, and also so that I can update our photos page with all the photos we took over Easter - of Exeter, Sidmouth, Reed Hall and Dan's mums' wedding. They are all ready to upload, but I can't do it without the right programmes!

We had to switch our computers over yesterday as mine absically finally gave up the ghost, and Dan's is better. Now he has a laptop he no longer uses his old computer, so I have inherited it. And thank goodness for that, as mine was taking half an hour to perform the most basic of tasks!
Anyway, for now I have added a couple of pics for you to see - one is of Jacob's Ladder in Sidmouth, which you climb up toget from the sea to some pretty formal gardens. The other is of some of the gardens around Reed Hall, which we will be able to use for our wedding reception - if the weather is good!

I will add photo links etc to the relevant pages when Dreeamweaver is sorted (hopefully this eve), and when I have been to able to do things like update my Avatar too! Just need Dan to get back from work so I can harass him about it...

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