Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally, activity - Issue 15 is Online

After -finally - having a day at home, I have done useful things towards PALS and our website!

Firstly, Issue 15 is now online and available for you all to see. This time, there's a range of issue from the Creature Feature to more updates on the questionnaire many of you filled in months ago now. I've also decided what Issue 16 will cover, and will start work on that in early Jan.

Secondly, our Photos Website has now been updated with pictures from our weekend in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, and a couple more pictures of Garthdee in Scotland -see roughly where our house is; the icy field is right next door to where we will (hopefully) be living!

Thirdly, "Anna's Page" has been updated with a couple more Avatars - see how my avatar celebrated Xmas and New Years!

And I still haven't finished as I need to write up a bit about my time in Madrid for a future PALS (before I forget what we did!), and I have a whole bunch of wedding things to update and look into - we can finally start planning our honeymoon as we have no more holidays booked (currently) until then! And I am studiously ignoring the fact that the whole house is a mess and needs cleaning before people come over for New Years tomorrow....

But I have at least done plenty today! Have an excellent New Years Eve and as I'm unlikely to update this tomorrow, see you all in the New Year! Perhaps in Scotland...

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