Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lots of newsletter activity

I didn't mean to spend quite as long as I did writing up pieces for my newsletter and updating my website, but I was enjoying myself and got a bit carried away! I've spent the past 3 1/2 hours or so writing up pieces on New York, Leeds Castle and Portsmouth, along with updating my poetry site with some new pieces - see the results here. I still haven't finished Issue 15 of PALS, but it's not due out until the end of December and I hadn't planned to write that today (plus it's 1.30AM now so I want to go to bed soon), so I feel as if I've been pretty successful!

All in all today has been very good, as I've managed to entirely get over my jet lag, buy some Xmas presents, buy myself a lovely new leather jacket (admittedly quite expensive but it's sooo nice), write a ton of Xmas cards and letters/ birthday cards, and do loads to the newsletter! Quite glad I have another day off before I have to go back to work though, just to do things like clean and go food shopping!

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