Friday, November 17, 2006

Broke and jet lagged, but happy!

I got back from my holiday in New York this morning, after a long overnight flight with basically no sleep. I seem to be managing to stay awake, which is good - I think I may have worked past the point of needing to sleep though!

I've just spent some time going through my photos and updating our photos webapge with a New York Photos section - have a look at it! I will also write up a piece on the holiday soon; either today or tomorrow when I get a chance. I have some other things I want to do for the newsletter and our web site, so hopefully I'll get a chance over the weekend.

NYC was great; we fitted loads into our 5 days, including Central Park and the zoo, a couple of shows, an ice hockey match, some posh restaurants, a tour of the UN building, a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and more. Oh, and shopping of course! I bought plenty but unfortunately couldn't afford any of the beautiful jewellery on display at aim for next time, perhaps?!

Oh, and just so you know - the photo of the lion is outside the New York Public Library - it's a stunning building - and the shot at the top is of Radio City Music Hall, where we went to see a musical Xmas show.

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