Friday, November 10, 2006

Surely life gets quieter than this...

I am soooo glad I took today off of work! This week has been completely mental, I don't seem to have had any spare time at all until now. We went out with a bunch of friends for curry Wednesday night, and one of them stayed over. Then I had to go shopping Thursday morning for things for my holiday, and then work until 9PM. I finally got home at 10.30PM. Then today I've spent all day packing, cleaning, baking (Dan wanted cakes) and organising flight details etc for tomorrow.

I just had my first spare hour and got a chance to do a bit to the next issue of the newsletter. I actually hadn't planned to work on it today, which I was quite glad about. But the more I can do now the better, as in the next couple of months (the next newsletter is due at the end of Dec) I'm going to Aberdeen to look for houses, going shopping for wedding outfits in Bristol with my mum, going to Madrid for a weekend, going back to Exeter for Xmas and going to Guildford to see a friend. Oh, and I need to fit Xmas shopping in there somewhere too!

Anyway, I've completed 2 more pages of the newsletter so there's actually only one page that needs to be written. I think it will take a while though as I have to adapt a whole bunch of info somebody sent me about one of their hobbies.

Anyway, now I've almost managed to finish everything I planned to do today I'm going to go and reward myself with a muffin. And put the heating on because it's FREEZING in this house right now! Oh, that reminds me, I better check the weather in NYC...I go tomorrow for a week. A whole week of not having to worry about organising anything - just shopping and having fun. Hoorah!

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Iccle Anne said...

Hope you have a great time. I'll reply to your last emails when you are back. Hope it's not too cold in New York - wrap up well!