Sunday, November 26, 2006

I need some sleep

I've just spent the day shopping in Bristol with my mum (after some really horrendous train journeys, which did not impress me when I was only going on a day trip), so I was pretty exhausted, but I thought I had better get on with some of the newsletter this evening whilst I had a little bit of spare time before I really didn't have any time to do anything to it.

I was planning on using a piece my American pal had written on cross stitch, but I only had a page of the newsletter left and I discovered it was going to be far too long, so it will make it's way into some sort of "Hobby Special No.2" at some point I think instead. It's great that she wrote a piece for me though.

I've also just managed to write the same pal a letter, albeit a short one. I try to write something to all my pals at this time of year as I send them all Xmas cards - it lets them know I'm still alive as it often takes me 6-8 months to reply to their letters, especially at the moment. I've been shockingly bad since June too, so I'm feeling quite guilty.

I've also had another idea - I was tempted to keep a sort of "Avatar diary". I love creating them and I think it would be fun to look back on them. I attempted to save one as a picture and it worked really well, so now I just have to figure out a sensible forum for them. I don't want anything big or in-your-face; just a cute side page where you can look at them if you're interested! I may add them to our website somewhere in the background - we'll see, when I have time to look.

Right, bed time!

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