Sunday, October 08, 2006

Run 10K

I spent the first half of today watching my friend do a 10K Run around Hyde Park - rather him than me! Luckily the weather was sunny and good for standing outside, which was a relief as we were half expecting it to be freezing and wet, and "watching" from a coffee shop! The picture is of David's group of runners, although he's not in it - he was going a bit fast for Dan to catch at that point!

We also saw some bizarre art (at least that's what we think it was) on the Thames; hence the brightly coloured photo of something odd in the river! I've written a short piece about the run which will hopefully slot into a future "London Special" PALS. I'm amassing a fair few "London" articles right now; maybe a newsletter for after we have left the city?

I also managed to update our Photos Website with some of the photos we took today; both the London Section and British Landmarks sections now have some new pics.

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