Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some write ups

I have now managed to write the next page of the newsletter - it involves Dartmoor, hence the pic of the ponies (though the site needed some pics); to my surprise I actually enjoyed writing a page on the flora and fauna etc of England; I thought it would be a bit dull but I found it surprisingly interesting and easy to write.

I have also written a short piece on the French outdoor theatre we went to see back in May; I wrote a brief blog piece about it back in May, but here's another pic just to remind you of what it all looked like!

That's it for my newsletter this weekend - by the sounds of things in a minute Dan and I will be picking musical pieces for our wedding in case his gran plays (a long story, but the source of the music at the wedding is currently undecided), so I have to go and prepare myself for that!

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