Saturday, September 16, 2006

Newsletter efforts

I've finally had some time to put a bit of effort into updating my newsletter, writing extra pieces for it and generally doing useful things. I've spent this evening writing up a cycling piece on our trip from Bristol to Taunton (was shocked to discover that was 4 years ago now!), writing another page of the next special, having a look at people's suggestions for what to include the newsletter, and attempting (yet failing, or, in some cases, discovering I'd already done it) to change the links to make the newsletter a bit more user friendly. There's only one that really needs any work, but Dan's now on the case becasue I don't know enough about how to do it to make my life easy.

No pictures or photo updating today though as I've not been anywhere exciting enough for that - oh, except for Chessington World of Adventures, which I have written about, but we decided against taking a camera as we were far more bothered about going on all the rides and not damaging our lovely camera!

And now, off to watch films and look at *more* wedding things.

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