Sunday, September 24, 2006

I tried

I did plan to do a bunch of stuff towards the next issue of my newsletter today (and future issues too), but failed utterly.

I spent yesterday at work, which was hard after working until 9PM Thurs and all day Fri, plus I only get a one day weekend. Forgot how much tougher term time hours were than the easy Mon-Fri 9-5 hours in the summer!

I've spent the (small) amount of the weekend where I haven't been working arranging things for the wedding and booking things for my trip to NY in Nov. Feeling totally overwhlemed and tired because there's just so much to do. The fact that I have to deal with catching a flight to the US, dealing with the evil new security rules in the UK AND US immigration (trust me, they're harsh and rude at airports) isn't helping my mood much. Luckily it's not for a month and a half so I have a while to relax (ha!) first.

Anyway, with all of that I've totally failed to do anything relaxing or useful, particularly for the newsletter. I'll try harder next weekend because I do at least have Friday afternoon off. Think I need the whole day really, but saving up time for interviews and house hunting in Aberdeen - oh yeah, need to do that too. We move in 4 months! Feeling quite soon...and there's Xmas to sort out before that too...

Right, enough of my small (but, I think, justified) panic attack - I'm off to have a shower, watch TV and do nothing, at least for a couple of hours before bedtime. Oh, and eat chocolate. Lots of it.

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