Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I tried to add the Exeter University pictures to my previous blog, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Perhaps too long a blog already? So I have made this a pictures blog instead, with a few photos of the uni! Hope you like the pics.

I have also done some more with our photos website this evening. Click on the picture below to see our new 'wedding photos' section - it currently has a few shots of the venue where the wedding wil happen, Reed Hall at Exeter University. I've also updated the 'Our Garden' and 'London' pages if you want to see a few more pics!

Right, time for bed!


Iccle Anne said...

Great pics! Why did you ask how I lay them out on my blog, that looks perfect. Mine is wider, so I can fit more than one across (without boxes) unlike when I had my previous code.

Anna Clarke said...

I asked because I was finding it really hard to fit them in with the text, like in the middle of the text like you do? Do you just add the photo html tag inbetween all your text? Thought the table looked nice as it was such a short blog, but wondered for longer blogs! Plus it was annoying it wouldn't load up onto the longer blog, although still no idea why...