Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No newsletter activity

So, 10 days after my last post (I think), and I've had no chances at all to do anything with my newsletter. I've just been too busy! I did start to write a letter last weekend, but am only half way through it and haven't even had a chance to finish that.

So, for the lack of anything to say about my newsletter, I'm going to tell you why I've been so busy instead! As you all know by now, I got engaged a month ago - and boy, is organising a wedding stressful! Especially when there are so many decisions to be made and so much money took us 5 days of full-on discussions to even come to a conclusion about cars, and still nothing is firmly booked. Although we think we have an answer now at least!

There's tons more stuff to organise, like a cake, a dress, a band and all the things that need to be booked a long time in advance - have even started thinking about honeymoons and hen nights, but luckily it's too far in advance to do anything more than think about those!

Last weekend we headed down to Exeter to look at the wedding venue - it's really pretty, especially the outside, so we've decided to go with it and so have now paid the first £500 deposit. There really is no going back now - especially as I've also sent the letter to the registrar now saying when and where we want to get married! I've got some pretty photos we took of the grounds but I can't upload them right now; I'll try to do it tonight if I get a chance, but once again I'm busy, because...

Tomorrow Dan has an interview in Aberdeen for a job, to start there next Jan (2007). I have to work tomorrow but I'm going up on an overnight coach tomorrow night. I was supposed to be going by train on Friday, but there are national rail strikes that day. So instead of a 7 hour train journey I have a 14 hour coach journey. I get longer in Aberdeen this way because I'm there on Friday, but Dan will be giving his presentation then so I will probably have to hang round in Aberdeen all day with nowhere to go. That will be fun after having been on a coach all night! Great! I have to go this weekend though because I have no more leave from work until Sept, you need at least 3 days to go there, and we need to know we're happy to live in Aberdeen if Dan gets offered the job, as he needs to know whether to say yes or no. Neither of us has ever even been there before, so we need to see the city at least once.

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling about my full, busy never know, in a couple of weeks I may even have enough time to write an article or two for the newsletter. And possibly even a blog about what I've done! Although it's not looking that likely right now....

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