Thursday, June 15, 2006


In a brief interlude whilst the footie (England v Trinidad and Tobago) is at half time (yes, I'm at work - but I'm still watching it) I thought I would put up a quick post before heading off to Spain tomorrow - meaning I won't be around to blog for a couple of weeks.

Only real news is that I have finally finished the Devon and Cornwall piece, with pictures and everything - it even looks quite nice. That leaves me free to write up a piece on Spain when I get back off of holiday!


Iccle Anne said...

Update and tell them your news!!! I'm so impatient!

Anna Clarke said...

I'm in Bath! I'm busy! I have celebrating to do! I will tomorrow when I'm home most of the day, I PROMISE! Besides, they can just go to your website and find out there right...? :)

Iccle Anne said...

yeah check out my blog if you want to find out Anna's news.