Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2 posts in 2 days!

I know it's rare for me to have 2 posts so quickly, so I'll make this short! Just felt I had to change my avatar because the weather here sucks so much - it's cold and wet. It was 27C yesterday; it's more than 15C today. Ugh!

Anyway, on a more newsletter-type note, I've nearly finished the Devon and Cornwall piece - going to try and finish it tonight, after packing! Still got to write the piece on Battle though...I'm also waiting on one final article for the Hobbies newsletter (to be released at the end of June) - Anne, do you think you will have managed to do a piece on crafty things or not? If I not, I can do something else to fill the space!


Iccle Anne said...

Not sure I will fill the whole gap, but will try. Haven't finished it yet, will send it your way when I have.

Anna Clarke said...

Don't worry, it doesn't have to be long - I can just make the text bigger! It's only 2/3rds of a page anyway so if it's too long it won't fit. :)