Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been out doing things!

In response to Anne's quip on her blog about me not blogging as often as she does, here is another entry! I know I change my avatar lots - I like doing it, it's like playing the Sims but quicker! Generally my avatar has some bearing on what’s happening in my life at the moment - over the weekend my avatar was at a concert, which is exactly where I was Saturday night! Right now it's in a sunny field - admittedly I'm not in a field, but at work. But it is very sunny, and being in a field would be lovely!

I know I haven't blogged much recently - partially because I've just been horribly busy and partially because I've actually been working on things for the newsletter. I spent a fair amount of last week writing up our holiday in Devon and Cornwall for a future issue (finally, as the holiday was a year ago this week), and am planning on finishing it off this week, before we head to Spain.

This weekend was also a pretty busy one. Dan and I drove to Milton Keynes (it's not really very nice there) on Saturday for a Bon Jovi concert (now that was excellent, and the incredibly sunny weather really helped as it was all outdoors). Then, on Sunday, as we had to keep the car until Monday, we decided to drive to Battle and Hastings, on the South coast of England.

I’m planning on writing short pieces for future newsletters about both of these things. Since 1995 I’ve been to 3 Bon Jovi concerts so have a few things to say. Although the trip to Battle and Hastings basically consisted of traffic jams all day, we did get to see the abbey and battlefield at Battle, so there is something to talk about. The piece might also go well with some of the articles I’m planning on writing about my other trips around the UK.

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