Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm engaged!

Now I'm back from Spain, Bath and all the random places I've been, I've got a chance to write a blog and tell you all the news. Obviously it's not directly connected to my newsletter but I thought it was worth a mention...

Dan asked me when we were in Spain, in Seville, a couple of days before we came home. One of the photos you can see here is of the cathedral in Seville - the photo was taken very near to the place he proposed, and it looked quite similar as it was 11PM at night when he did it.

The second photo is of us in the carriage of a horse and carriage ride we went on to celebrate - v. similar to the ones we saw in Prague. It was expensive, but we thought we should celebrate and the place we went to have champagne sold none, so this seemed a good choice!

Dan asked me properly too - he had bought a really nice ring (white gold, one diamond in the centre) and got down on one knee too! It came as a total surprise, I really wasn't expecting it all all. I only figured it out when he started to pull the ring box out! So, now I have a wedding to plan - we should be getting married roughly this time next year.


Iccle Anne said...

Yey! Thanks for updating, I did try to wait patiently! Can you either add a pic of the ring, or email me a pic?

Anna Clarke said...

Will probably e-mail you a pic; haven't actually had a chance to take a photo yet! Wanted to show it to family first before posting a pic. Will try to do it at the weekend.