Sunday, May 14, 2006

More ideas

Well, I'm now back from Prague, and have a bunch (more) new ideas for the newsletter - some of them were Anne's ideas after plenty of beer filled discussions... one is to have a photo competition, splitting the photos into subjects such as 'nature', 'favourite landmarks' etc. Another is to create a 'Prague in photos' story of our time there, as both the digital cameras came out in force - Dan and I have over 200 which I am soon going to have to go and look at and sort out with him! One may have made an appearance on this blog by the time you read this; depending upon how long it takes to sort them all out of course!

And with that, I'm now off to add those ideas, and all the others I have briefly mentioned then forgotten about again on this site, to a list so that I actually act on all these ideas!

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Andy Mackay said...

mmmmmmm Beer filled discussions...