Thursday, March 23, 2006


Prompted by Anne's comment under my last post (yes, I know it was nearly 3 weeks ago now) I thought I had better remind you all that I'm still here, and I am still updating the site! The main reason there haven't been any posts for a while is because, well, I've not had much to say!

I've been (slowly) writing up Issue 11 (although I haven't had many contributions, so feel free to send me some), along with doing some research into things I could put in future issues of the newsletter. I've found quite a lot on celebrations around the world (thanks to a couple of really comprehensive websites which gave me a good start), giving me ideas on doing some special issues on such diverse places as Thailand, China, Japan and Venezuela in the future.

In terms of contributions for the next issue, I'm especially looking for pieces on people's lifes since they began penpalling, people profiles, and any people looking for new pals, as I'm sure you know enough about me by now! The rest of the newsletter I have enough material for (although extra things are of course always good and gratefully received).

Along with the newsletter I am intending, at some point, to make the photo page on our website look pretty - when I can get Dan's arse in gear to help me, that is!

Dan and I have also been in the process of booking our flights/ car/ hotel for a holiday in Spain in June, so that's taken up so time! Along with me getting enthusiastic about playing the piano, as well - that's another idea for a special issue (thanks Tracy) - hobbies! It will happen in the near future...

OK, I hope that's enough info to let you know I'm still around! :)

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