Wednesday, March 29, 2006

About me

I saw this on Anne's blog and thought you might like to know a bit about me, if you don't already!

Accent - Southern English, non-identifiable where from in the South. I don't sound out of place in Exeter, Bristol or London.
Booze of choice - Wine or lager (Stella, and yes I can taste the difference between that and others).
Chore I hate - Cleaning in the scabby corners that nobody has noticed for ages. And trying to get ingrained grease off the floor.
Dog or Cat - Cats. Definitely cats.
Essential electronics - My phone (especially when the tubes aren't working), my PC (e-mails!), and my MP3 player. How else do you relax on an hour and a half journey to and from work?
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - I have a load of different ones! Some of the Body Shop ones are nice, but I prefer the smell of their body butters -mmm, mango! :)
Gold or Silver? - Silver. I also love white gold, but I guess that looks more like silver anyway.
Hometown - Exeter, Devon. England.
Insomnia? - No. Practically never.
Job Title - Information assistant. Really a library assistant, and that's not the same as a librarian. They train for longer than I have and know more!
Kids? - Nope. I can't even afford a house, how do you think I would manage with kids?
Living Arrangement - Renting a ground floor flat (which is part of a terraced house) in London with my boyfriend. Another man owes the top first floor flat, but he's a bit odd.
Most admired trait - No idea really. Brutal honesty?
Overnight Hospital Stays - None since I was a teenager, but a week at age 12, and two 3 or 4 day stays when I was 15.
Phobia - Cockroaches crawling around everywhere. Ugh!
Quote - "Fair enough"
Religion - Well, I believe in God. Too lazy to go to church though, so not sure what that says about me. And if I'd been born in Turkey, would I be Muslim...?
Siblings - 1 brother, 27.
Time I wake up - 6.30AM on a work day. And no, I'm not happy about it! More like 10AM at weekends and on holidays.
Unusual talent/skill - Not many, I think I'm quite boring. I'm willing to cycle in London - not sure if that counts as an unusual talent or just plain stupidity!
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Cabbage. Although, even that, if you hide well enough, I'll give a go.
Worst habit - Picking at spots. Although my boss might say playing on the Internet when I'm meant to be working.
X-rays - Yes. Erm , toe, head, ear, stomach, neck...I can't remember, I've had a fair few. All before the age of 18 though. I was quite a clumsy kid.
Yummy foods I make - Cakes (I'll try anything once) - especially cheesecake, risotto, lasagne, roast...I like to experiment.

Oh, and just so you know, the reason my Avatar has a 'Happy Birthday' background is because it's my birthday tomorrow! Hoorah! A great reason to eat lots and go shopping.

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