Sunday, March 05, 2006

Digital Camera!

Last week Dan and I finally bought a digital camera! The hope is that this will help with future issue of PALS (as well as being lots of fun), as I should now be able to take and upload photos really easily, without having to hunt down shops to develop loads of photos at a time.

The camera is (I think) a really nice one, and you can see some examples of the photos we've taken by clicking on the link at the bottom of our blog. There is also a link on our homepage (see the links sidebar) to the photos we have currently taken. Hopefully I will be able to update this in the future so it looks a bit more exciting and has different photos!

The pictures on this blog are of our camera, and an example of a funky flower photo I took - something you can't do on my old camera!

Our Digital Camera Photos


Iccle Anne said...

Nice photos! I'll be putting some photos of Dartmoor on my blog soon - we're going to put together a panaramic photo from a few shots we took.

Iccle Anne said...

Need more posts on this site!!!! I notice the avatar has changed though.

Anna Clarke said...

Sorry, I just haven't done anything newsletter-related for a while; other than write the next one! There will be more posts in the near future though, honest...:)