Sunday, April 29, 2012

Issue 47 online...

... and this time around it is an Anniversary Special.

Considering how busy we've been recently, I can't believe I've managed to get it online by the deadline (end of April)! I'm very pleased that I have though. Although I admit that I only finished writing the last article, on South Africa's Youth Day, today. It didn't take too long to do and was pretty interesting to learn about, so wasn't too much of a problem.

Uploading this issue also wasn't too painful, as all the potential problems were things I've experience before. So it was fairly easy to fix them when they didn't look quite right! It probably also helped that I wasn't in any particular hurry, so there was no problem if it took a couple of hours to do (which, thankfully, it didn't). 

Issue 48 (the upcoming July/ Aug 2012 issue) won't be a Special, and it will also be the last PALS for a while. Things are going to get much busier in September, and something is going to have to take a backseat - at least for a while! It also feels appropriate to stop with the next issue, as it will be exactly eight years since PALS began. There's no guarantee that PALS won't make a return in the future, but I don't want to make any promises as I have no idea exactly what life will be like in a few years, or even months, time!

Anyway, for now I hope you enjoy reading Issue 47 of PALS.

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