Sunday, July 31, 2011

A week in the life...

Bit of a tenuous link to PALS here, but some of you may remember Issue 24 - A Week in the Life Of... Special, where 3 people (a careworker, an English teacher in South Korea and an office worker) blogged about their weeks at work. Well, Library Day in the Life Round 7 is basically the same idea, but designed for librarians to tell other people what they do via their blog, Twitter, photos, videos - or any other way they can think of. You have to tell people about a specific week though - the dates for Round 7 were 25 July 2011 to 31 July 2011.

So, I tweeted about my week. If you're curious and not a Twitter user, what I said is below (times are guestimates):

Sunday 24 July, 7pm 
Just back from a family-filled weekend in Exeter - getting ready to spend a week tweeting about my role as repo manager for #libday7

Monday 25 July
7.30am: Off to Leicester Uni to chat to repo manager and team about technical skills you need when working with repositories #libday7

5.30pm: Not had much of a chance to tweet today as busy meeting the Leicester Uni repo team. Useful day-learnt lots! More tweets this eve #libday7

9.30pm: Spent this morning learning about Leicester's repository - academics add research papers, then viewable by anyone searching Google #libday7

9.35pm: Reassured that many repository managers have web developer help - us managers know a bit  about editing web pages, but not a lot! #libday7

9.45pm: Had interesting conversation with Leicester staff about challenges of integrating repository with a university-wide research system #libday7

9.55pm: Caught up with #CILIP Update on train – reading articles on digital preservation & how researchers discover things with metadata #libday7

10pm: Long day today: Leicester is 3 hours train ride from Bristol. Tired, but got lots of useful advice. Back in the office tomorrow #libday7

Tuesday 26 July
8.45am: Planning on catching up with those e-mails I've been avoiding and putting together slides for library teaching sessions #libday7

10.15am: Brain working overtime - have never delivered library induction sessions before so learning as I go! #libday7

12.30pm: Phew! Finished sample searches for new student inductions. Steep learning curve. Now, what about that repository?... #libday7

13.30pm: Transcribing an interview with an academic for Open Access week: 24-28 Oct (being prepared)! Still not dealt with those 75 e-mails #libday7

16.50pm: Wow! Fried brain today - thinking hard! Off to Cardiff libraries tomorrow for Assistant Librarians Away Day, but off home now #libday7

Wednesday 27 July
8.45am: Stood at bus stop waiting for the minibus to Cardiff to visit libraries there. Nice change from the day job! #libday7

Midday: Just had interesting tour of National Assembly of Wales and it's library. It's a different world to HE! Now enjoying the sunshine. #libday7

13.30pm: Lunch and a meeting in the park. If only all work days could be this relaxed! #libday7

16.00pm: Just visited Cardiff central library. Very colourful, great ideas -makes me want to live there so I can use it! Back 2 Bristol now. #libday7

Thursday 28 July
9.30am: Just had a quick e-mail catch up and now testing out the LIFE predictive costing tool for digital preservation #libday7

11.30am: Just finished showing our work experience student how to check if we can to add full text of published PDFs to the repository #libday7

15.45pm: Had a 1-2-1 meeting with repository adminsitrator, now transcribing interviews for Open Access week again - not a quick task! #libday7

Friday 29 July
10.30am: Finished transcribing interviews, talked to work experience student about advocacy material. Really need to tackle those emails now #libday7

16.15pm: Had a quiet day today. Said bye to a colleague who is going to work at another campus, and finally caught up with some e-mails! #lidbay7

Saturday 30 July
10.30am: No work tweets today. I work in a uni library, but not on any desks, so I get weekends off. Off to visit friends in Birmingham! #libday7

Now I'm wondering if this could make it into a future issue of PALS, in one form or another...?

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