Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now working on Issue 43

I've finally made a start on Issue 43 of PALS - this will be the third in the Southern Spain series this year (Issue 39 and Issue 41 are numbers one and two in the series). This issue is going to cover our road trip to Portugal and Southern Spain in September 2010. It's still in the process of being put together, but to give you a taster of what it will include here are my "five things" for this trip:

1. Impossible-to-find Portuguese campsites
2. Beautiful, but extremely busy with a festival atmosphere, Ronda
3. Driving through stunning mountain passes in Southern Spain
4. The beautiful long, sandy beaches in Tavira, Bolonia and Zahara de Los Atunes
5. A beautiful wedding ceremony in stunning surroundings with far too much food!

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